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Welcome to COSMIC PINK! A community dedicated to immi, a Japanese electropop artist with a stylish and refreshing take on the genre. Here you will find up-to-date news on immi's current releases & events. As well as a place for fans to feel welcome and discuss her music!

01. Always respect the thoughts and opinions of the poster! This community encourages discussion, but pointless flaming will not be tolerated and will result in getting your comment or entry deleted. Courtesy goes a long way!

02. Please try to use correct grammar, don't make posts "TaLk1nG LiKe DiZ!".

03. Before posting something; take your time to check back through previous entries, just to avoid the community from being flooded with double posts, it makes it easier for everyone.

04. If you are unsure about a post, or wish to share downloads, then make sure you lock it so that it is visible to members only. Please JOIN in order to view these locked entries.

05. Feel free to promote your own community, although we would appreciate it if there was no linking to another immi-based community whatsoever.

immi Official Website
immi Official Blog
immi Official MySpace
immi Official Twitter

If you have any questions or doubts regarding the community please regard them to one of the following moderators by sending a private message. If your question or doubt is irrelevant to the community it will be ignored.

prismboy community owner & head moderator.

galaxy_boy moderator.

limejam moderator.

shylegs moderator & layout maintainer.

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